Current Comics: Blood Bowl: More Guts, More Glory! #2

Warhammer Football crashes on.

Blood Bowl #2

Writer: Nick Kyme

Art: Jason Jadson

Color: Fabricio Guerra and Mauricio Wallace

Letterer: Simon Bowland





Content (May/May Not Contain SPOILERS)

The book begins by giving us a well done short rundown of what happened in the first issue by commentators Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford.  The book proper is a match of Blood Bowl between our main characters’ team, the Hochland Harbingers, and a Wood Elf Team – The Loren Leapers.  The book does well in giving characters personality, and the tongue in cheek humor is still here in force (Weevil Dead anyone). When the match proper begins, “Gorgeous” Gerrick finds himself rather…occupied by other thoughts than the game, and it really hurts the Harbingers.  As Gerrick daydreams about his elf maiden, the Elves Treeman and Barkbellow stampede all over the Harbingers.

Elves vs humans is an interesting matchup in that elves are much faster than humans, but much more fragile, so only by playing super aggressively can an edge really be gained here. Gerrick is soon in even more trouble when the father of the elf girl he’d been going on about shows up with Gerrick’s blood on his mind.  The book also starts bringing in more of the tabletop’s terms seen when a pitch invasion happens and Fan Factor influence things.  It’s nice to see some actual tabletop stuff make its way into the comics, and the harbingers soon get a second wind when some nasty blows are dealt to the Leapers.  Three touchdowns in a row, but as we prepare for the end of the match, we leave off with one bad piece of news- someone wants Gerrick dead!

In Conclusion (Definitely Contains SPOILERS)

There’s a lot to be said for this comic, both good and bad.  For starters, if you’re not a fan of football type scenarios and violence laden ones, this is definitely not for you.  The humor and the action are all on point here, Jim and Bob feel natural on commentary again, and reading it, one can definitely tell that this is Blood Bowl.  The Hochland Harbingers make for victory, their chance to make it to next round on the line, and now they’ve taken the Leapers’ star player and Treeman out of the picture.  They seem poised for a win, but someone wants Thrower Gerrick dead, and it might not just be the father of that Elf maiden that Gerrick so liked reminiscing about.

The tone is both grim and suspenseful.  Who else might want to see Gerrick’s blood spilled? Can the Harbingers snatch their victory, and can Sturnblud keep up with rising back to his old Star Player days?  The art is done well, everything looks nice, and the humor is well done. There’s a small one page cartoonish story at the end about a goblin coach, titled “Gitruk’s Dirty Tactiks”.  It’s a well done issue and should lead those interested into the next issue to see how this all resolves. It definitely is a niche comic though, likely to appeal mostly to those who already like the Blood Bowl universe or the Warhammer Fantasy one.  If you find yourself intrigued and find it, definitely pick it up, as many places don’t have too many copies of it.

Grade: B+

Publisher: Titan Comics

MSRP: $3.99

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