Movie Reviews: “Prometheus”

Ridley Scott's quasi prequel is as much a departure from the franchise as can be, but was that for the better?



2012: dir. Ridley Scott

Writer(s): Jon Spaihts, Damon Lindelof

Starring: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Logan Marshal Green and Guy Pearce


The Review


Ridley Scott’s returns to science fiction with a bang, lynchpinning his terrible creation with the seeds of ancient astronaut theory to expand the lore of everyone’s favorite murder monster from beyond the stars. Sewing the seeds of the future while bearing fruit of another variety, PROMETHEUS serves as an intellectual bridge between past and present, mystery and terror, life and death.

The Engineer culture reveres the creation of life, and understands the necessity of death in that cycle.

Instead of exploring the Alien’s origin, Scott brings us into the world of the Space Jockey and the mysterious origin of the derelict’s owner. Smartly standing on its own, PROMETHEUS is a rather towering introspective narrative that boasts question larger than can be possibly be answered, and never attempts to give clear resolutions. It’s a film that gives us the tools and demands we make our own conclusions from the framework, instead of telling us what we take from it.

Scott imbues PROMETHEUS with a rich wealth of practical effects, channeling H.R. Giger’s unique designs in a way that had been squandered since 1986. Mixing in digital effects as smart accentuates the incredible designs featured within, creating an intense atmosphere of both sight and sound that is both alluring and intimidating. The epic visual scale is only enhanced by Harry Gregson-Williams grand orchestral score and sweeping melodies, whisking us away to this God forsaken rock in a forgotten corner of the galaxy.

A crew of nobodies who won’t ask questions, guised as the “best in their” field, set out to explore the origins of mankind, unknowing of the horrors that await them.

The Engineer’s culture is well established in a minimum grade of written form, exposing us to a visual learning of their tragic history upon LV-223. A science experiment gone wrong, bodies piled upon themselves, remnant holograms of fleeing Space Jockey’s – in the search for answers, we only stumbled upon horrors unimaginable. And in man’s arrogance to establish himself above all else, we are left to an ironically similar fate as our ancestors – betrayed and murdered by our own ambitions and creations.


The Verdict


While most everything in the film works, PROMETHEUS’ glaring Achilles Heel is its story. While the film smartly balances questions and answers without boxing itself into a corner, the overall narrative is incredibly vacant and unassuming. The focus of the film was to open up the world of ALIEN once more, and much like THE FORCE AWAKENS to follow, that sense of openness borders on the interminably vague.

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