E3 2017 Highlight/Review – Microsoft Conference

It's been awhile since Microsoft fumbled the Xbox One. Things are already looking to be quite different!

E3 is here again, and with it, tons of new reveals and looks at games.  The “big 3” of companies, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, have all had their conferences (as have EA, Bethesda, and the PC Gamer Show). There’s tons of stuff to talk about, so lets dive right into the highlights of Microsoft’s conference first, shall we?  Microsoft started out with Phil Spencer finally revealing the mysterious Project Scorpio.  The new console is called the Xbox One X.  It releases on November 7, runs in 4k, and is priced at $499.  Microsoft hit hard and fast with games, games and more games, but some had more impact than others.  First up was Forza Motorsport 7.  We also got glimpses of Metro Exodus, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Crackdown 3, and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, but there was much more to it than that!

Also included at Microsoft’s conference was Dragon Ball FighterZ, a new 3 vs 3 fighting game.  Microsoft showed us a release date for the Cuphead game, and gave us Ori and the Will of the Wisps. the platformer Super Lucky’s Tale was announced to be coming to Xbox and PC, and a new game featuring dwarves and guns was announced, called Deep Rock Galactic.  A new Life is Strange game is coming,  the announcement revealing the title Life is Strange: Before the Storm.  Minecraft will be getting a “super duper graphics pack” and crossplay across PC, tablets, Xbox, and the Switch, and Rare gave us another look at Sea of Thieves.  Microsoft again stressed the importance of independent devs, and we got a long look at the upcoming State of Decay 2 and some new gameplay with it.  Microsoft ended the conference with a bang by telling us that there was a newcomer to their line of backwards compatibility games…Original Xbox games!

There were certainly dull moments in this conference.  The Forza and real car reveal, yet another zombie game with State of Decay 2.  But there was some really good, fun looking stuff too.  Sea of Thieves looks to be a lot of fun, as does Crackdown 3 (with Terry Crews)!

It really looks like Microsoft is trying to come back from the initial disaster of the Xbox One, and the emphasis here isn’t on functionality but purpose. Especially with 4K utility, the next generation of gaming feels like reality.

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